Depends on what you´d like to do. Most jobs in the industry don´t require a degree but great portfolios! :)

I’d want to design the covers, poster work, etc. Nothing involving the construction of the game itself - but the position I want is hard to find and doing research most of it is outsourced.

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    Portfolio. That´s what my researches taught me. They hardly care for degrees, they just wanna see that you can create...
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    Thank you so much for this Hya! I’m definitely going to look into contacting the HR department of a company, etc. and...
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    I’d like to send you to a link that Greg Street (aka “Ghostcrawler”) wrote. He’s the lead systems designer for World of...
  6. archivingcoriander said: I know that feel. It sucks because I still love design and I know programming wouldn’t be for me.