Despite it being day 2 of PAX East, I had a blast yesterday and today as well.

I was mostly a loaner yesterday, floating between photoshoots and desperately looking for a Snake to take a picture with. Though I was pleased to see a Neverwinter booth with a playable demo I didn’t get the opportunity to sample the game since the line was a bit too long and I had photoshoots awkwardly spaced out.

I ended up going to the marketing panel, however. I got some great tips on that and I really do want to pursue marketing on the video game industry.

Not only that but I had some excellent shots of my Raiden taken, and enough people recognized who I was ( Mr. Lightning Bolt ) that I ended up running out of business cards. I also saw a fantastic fem.Raiden who asked to take a picture with me and I  am so flattered. Her costume was excellent! ( MissHabit on Twitter )

Finally, I ended up getting my hands on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut demo and I spent quite a bit of time at the booth playing it and talking with Adam who runs the Twitter and Tumblr for Eidos! I have to say, they are by far some of the most amiable people I’ve met and I loved just getting to talk to them and be passionate about the game as a whole. That being said, in the Director’s Cut the A.I. is really amped up and the game itself is still incredibly. If you enjoy Deus Ex, pick up the Director’s Cut, and if you have a WiiU and wasn’t able to play it previously pick it up!

Also, high heels are not a joke.

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